$6500 Government Rebate ending soon!

First Audit must be done before March 31

You save on your energy bill

Your home will be heated more efficiently, leading to substantial savings.

You contribute to a better environment

You will use significantly less gas and will lower your carbon footprint.

future-proof your home

Don’t invest in old technology.

OUR simple HEAT PUMP process

Phone consultation to assess your system and give you a quote.

Site inspection and final quote.

Energy audit
(We set this up for you)

Installation and optimization

Post audit and rebate submission

is it worth switching to a heatpump?

We get this question every day. The answer is a resounding yes, especially because of the $6500 Greener homes grant.

The main FACTORS


A heat pump is an AC that can also Heat your home (using electricity). Getting a new heat pump is getting a new efficient AC + an exceptionally efficient heater in the shoulder seasons. You will save money April-Dec


During the cold months the heat pump becomes less efficient and it is slightly less expensive to heat your home using a gas furnace. We recommend a dual stage 96% as a backup.


Gas furnaces will be phased out eventually as gas carbon taxes continue to climb. We encourage everyone to make the switch now while rebates are still on. 


Discover how much you can save annually with a heat pump

Panasonic inverter heat pump & air handler system