What is a combi unit? It is your boiler and domestic use, domestic or DHW means all your faucets and showers in your home. You get all the advantages of a tankless like system that is also your heating system, savings, savings and more savings. Did we mention convenience ? Think of the boiler room not needing to take up the entire room! These systems just hang on the wall and replace both your oversided floor print that was taken up by the boiler and your hotwater tank. Think of the storage you now have ? One type of boiler required heating is Radiant heating systems which deliver consistent, even heat throughout your home so your thermostat can be at a lower setting, compared to a forced-air system. Radiant heating systems don’t use blowers, so they won’t circulate dirt, dust, pollutants or allergens throughout your home. Radiant heat reaches every corner and even takes the chill out of kitchens, bathrooms and lower level floors creating the perfect environment in every room.