Weather King WA13 Air Conditioner


Chances are, the last thing you think about is your air conditioner. You just expect to be cool and comfortable with Weather King has it covered with the this well built system.

The WeatherKing® Residential Air Conditioner Line is built to perform both efficiently and quietly, delivering home comfort you can count on.

for your home, just reach out to a trustworthy, independent Rheem Pro in your area


Durable Construction
The WA13 is constructed with a sturdy louvered steel cabinet to protect the condensing coil fins from yard hazards, weather and corrosion, so you can be confident in the way it performs.

  •  Quiet Operation
    Several features contribute to quiet operation and better overall performance.
    The motor mount/grille combination protects the fan motor from the elements and also reduces sound and vibration. The discharge pattern of the top grille provides minimum
    air restriction, resulting in quiet fan operation. The WA13 also features a one-piece drawn and painted base pan. This pan elevates the coil off the pad helping minimize corrosion while also reducing sound.