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our ac units

A traditional home comfort system has two parts: an indoor unit, such as a furnace or air handler, and an outdoor unit, the air conditioner, that sends air into the home for circulation. Both units are designed to work together and when matched properly, you get maximum efficiency and a longer system life.

Air conditioning is rated by Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (S.E.E.R.). Today’s minimum standard is 13 and can go as high as 21 S.E.E.R. How do you choose which is best for you? Well, that’s what Natural Choice is here for – we will gladly sit down with you and discuss what your plans and needs are, and walk you through your best options.

13 SEER Systems offered by our Featured Manufacturers 

16 to 17 SEER Systems offered by our Featured Manufacturers

Our Premium Systems offered by our Featured Manufacturers

Our Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters can help you save up to 40% on your energy bill.  It is an efficient appliance that uses a heat exchanger to heat water only on demand. When a gas tankless water heater senses the demand for water flow, such as turning on a faucet or a shower, the unit begins heating water as it passes through the heat exchanger. Because there is no need for a storage tank, you get an endless supply of hot water. When water flow ceases, the tankless water heater shuts down, therefore using less energy.

While we feel that there are endless benefits to choosing a Tankless Water Heater, there are a few that stand out and are worth highlighting:


  • Endless supply of hot water – Never worry about running out of hot water again.  Back to back showers? Just threw in a load of laundry? No problem if you have a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater!
  • More space in your home  Replacing that large, clunky tank with a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater, which is roughly the size of a carry on suitcase will free up valuable storage space in your home. They also allow flexibility to install other non-traditional locations such as laundry rooms, closets, etc.
  • Save on energy and water costs – Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters use up to 40% less energy than a traditional tank. Additionally if you utilize one of our options for recirculation you can have faster hot water at your faucet resulting in less wasted water.
  • Longer product life – Rinnai is known for quality.  Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters have a longer life span of up to twice as long as a traditional tank.

Our Furnaces

Furnaces heat and circulate warm air in the winter. Homes are typically equipped with the least expensive model that uses the most energy and most inconsistent heating solutions.

Two stage heating & modulating furnaces, that we provide, offer a noticeable difference in comfort. Due to the 40% heat brought on to start, your home will continuously be at a comfortable heat level. Our furnaces operate silently and come worry free for 10 years.

Single Stage Furnaces by our Featured Manufacturers

Two Stage Furnaces by our Featured Manufacturers

Modulating Furnaces by our Featured Manufacturers

Boilers & Combi boilers 

What is a combi unit?  It is your boiler and domestic use, domestic or DHW means all your faucets and showers in your home.  You get all the advantages of a tankless like system that is also your heating system, savings, savings and more savings.  Did we mention convenience ?  Think of the boiler room not needing to take up the entire room!  These systems just hang on the wall and replace both your oversided floor print that was taken up by the boiler and your hotwater tank.  Think of the storage you now have ?

One type of boiler required heating is Radiant heating systems which deliver consistent, even heat throughout your home so your thermostat can be at a lower setting, compared to a forced-air system. Radiant heating systems don’t use blowers, so they won’t circulate dirt, dust, pollutants or allergens throughout your home. Radiant heat reaches every corner and even takes the chill out of kitchens, bathrooms and lower level floors creating the perfect environment in every room.

Don’t see the boiler system you are interested in?  We install a vast amount of boilers not listed below, check back to the site often as we are always adding more information.  Or give us a call and we will gladly discuss the boiler system you prefer.


Our Fireplaces

Inspired by architects, guided by builders, manufactured to perfection. Montigo fireplaces bring quality, beauty, and warmth to any environment. Montigo specializes in manufactured gas fireplaces for residential spaces.

We also offer the largest selection of modern, linear gas fireplaces with an array of different options to create a fireplace that flickers with your style and taste. Compare each fireplace to decided which is the best fit for you.

our Ductless Air Conditioning Units

LG is a world leader in ductless—or duct free—products and offer what no other ductless company can provide; aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and dependable ductless mini-split systems. We offer single and multi-head units in LG’s Art Cool™, Prestige and standard ductless units.

LG offers Canada’s most energy efficient ductless mini-split at 28 SEER and one of the quietest at only 17dB – perfect for studios, home libraries and bedrooms. With built-in features such as Jet Cool, 4-Way Swing and Power Heating, your LG air conditioner and heat pump will provide your home with a comfortable environment year round.

LG Ductless Features:

Inverter V heat pump air conditioners use a variable speed compressor, rather than a constant speed compressor found in conventional air conditioners. LG’s advanced inverter technology and high efficiency heat exchangers provide the highest level of energy efficiency available.

LG’s unique new cross flow fan and low vibration compressor technology provides extreme silence and comfort.

LG ductless units not just an air conditioner, but are also a decoration for your home. The Art Cool Premier series offer pearlized patterned front covers, honeycomb air inlets, elegant movements of the vanes and discrete LED displays. The Air Cool Gallery series offers personalized art panels to compliment any room. While the Art Cool Mirror series offer beautiful black chrome mirror front panel finishes.
LG’s Gold Fin™ is an anti corrosive coating on the surface of the heat exchanger in the outdoor unit. The coating is designed to protect air conditioners from pollution and corrosive conditions and assist in the durability and longevity of the unit.

LG utilizes R-410A which is a zero ozone depleting refrigerant for all of their ductless air conditioners in accordance with the Montreal Protocol.

Remotes included are wireless controllers that feature large and easy-to-read displays and allow you to adjust fan speeds and output modes from anywhere in the room.

Our Thermostats

Thermostats are the interface and control system for your heating and air conditioning equipment. These devices provide information on what the equipment is doing, when it needs to be serviced, and allows you to set the exact temperature and humidity you want to maintain in your home.

Smart Thermostats monitor outdoor temperatures by the hour and adjusts your HVAC system ahead of time. This allows you to have the highest savings in energy consumption while at the same time offering the best comfort possible.


Natural Choice is the best way to go no doubt about it. I called them up, they came on a Sunday to give a quote, they were very friendly with my kids. They came again on Monday, and my system was replaced and pumping out AC. If you want great service and products, Natural Choice is your Natural Choice!

— Garrett Simpson, Location: Courtice


Natural Choice did such a great job installing the Goodman High Efficient furnace in my previous house, I immediately had them install the same furnace and added a Tankless Rinnai water heater into my new home. I would highly recommend these guys. Great job Natural Choice. A big thumbs up!

— Brian, Location: Whitby


James is kind of stand-up, quality individual that I choose to work with when I need help in my house. James has installed two tankless hot water systems in the last two homes that I have owned. He identified the safety hazard from an improperly installed gas fireplace. He explained the nature of the hazard and corrected the installation at a very reasonable price. James approaches every job in your house as if he were working on his own. His prices are fair and the quality of his work is exacting.

— Ryan, Location: Oshawa


Natural Choice installed installed our Rinnai tankless water heater and we could not be happier. We were unsure about the technology at first, but the owner personally came out and met with us (along with a couple of other neighbours that were also interested) to explain the system and the installation process. It’s been over a year and the system has been flawless so far. For us, Natural Choice was very helpful and professional.

— Pete, Location: Toronto


The company came out and checked the condition of the original equipment and made their recommendations. They let me think about it and worked to their quote. They came on the day to do the work on time, and were very respectful of the property. They cleaned up as they went along and took away all their refuge. There was no cleanup on my part. James followed up to make sure all went well. They all worked well as a team and were enthusiastic and knowledgeable. What can I say, I was impressed.

— Sheila O’Neill, Location: Whitby

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