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Nest Protect

Meet the all-new Nest Protect. The smoke alarm other alarms look up to. Nest Protect has been redesigned from the inside out. It has an industrial-grade smoke sensor, can be hushed from your phone, tests itself automatically, and lasts up to 10 years. And just like the original Nest Protect, it also tells you what’s wrong and can even alert your phone.4 out of 5 fire fighters would trust Nest Protect to protect their home.

  • It tells you what the danger is and where it is.The new Split-Spectrum Sensor looks for both fast and slow-burning fires. It also has a 10-year CO sensor so it can tell you where poisonous, invisible CO is hiding. And all your Nest Protects speak up at the same time to tell you what’s wrong and where the problem is.
  • Nest Protect is the first home smoke alarm you can hush from your phone.Just burned the toast? Or left the popcorn in the microwave too long? When there’s only a little smoke, you can hush the new Nest Protect using the Nest app.
  • It’s thoughtful, not annoying. Nest Protect checks itself over 400 times a day and let’s you know if something’s wrong. It also has Steam Check so a nice, relaxing shower doesn’t cause your alarm to go off.
  • It helps you sleep safe and sound.Tired of getting jolted awake at 2 a.m. by a low-battery chirp? Nest Protect shows you everything’s OK before you fall asleep with Nightly Promise. A green glow when you turn out the lights says the batteries are good. Sweet dreams.
  • Check all your alarms at once. Safety Checkup lets you test all your alarms with a tap. And once the test is done, you’ll get a full report.

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