Home Energy Saving Tips for Summer You NEED to Know


We all want the most out of cooling systems in the summer, but can we eliminate some of the costs with these energy saving tips by compromising some of life’s luxuries? We think so!

We are sure you will use your air conditioner on the hottest days of the year, or when returning from a sun-filled day at the beach. It makes sense! But if you don’t need to run your cooling system 24/7, don’t!

Save your efforts and your pennies (if they existed any longer), using these great home energy saving tips this summer!

Photo By: Phillip Rakusen

Open your windows – Enjoy the fresh air

When the evening hits and the air cools a bit, turn off your cooling system, open the windows, and enjoy a nice breeze.

Your cooling system doesn’t have to be running all the time. And it does NOT take more energy to have your system changing from being on and off multiple times a day. It does, however, use unnecessary energy when you aren’t home enjoying it’s luxurious benefits.  



SMART Thermostats are exactly what you think they would be… smart! We have been installing and giving clients smart thermostats for many years now, and they are very well received.

A SMART Thermostat like the NEST gets to know the temperature you like when you’re home. And turns itself down when you’re away. It even learns how your home heats or cools, so it only uses the energy it needs.

Photo By: Min X

Embrace the Sunshine

The summer months allow us to take in the sun and brighten up our lives. Your home feels the same as well.

Open the blinds and curtains to embrace the sunshine coming through your windows instead of turning on so many lights. We only get to do this a few months of the year before our evenings get dark again, so take advantage.

Project Done By: Lil’ Luna

Utilize Power… with limits

Create a Charging Station so all of your devices can be connected to one power cord. Turn that power cord off when nothing is charging.

This is a great home energy saving tip that helps your pocket as well as your memory. You won’t have to look for your phone charger again!

Photo By: Lorenzo

Disconnect from the Digital World

As much as we all like to be connected to the digital World, we should be connected to the World around us as well.

Unplugging yourself from time to time, to enjoy nature, not only puts peace in your mind, but also saves you from some pricey utility costs.


Always Use LED Lights

On top of being extremely durable, bright, free of chemicals, low voltage, and long lasting, LED lights are very high efficient!

LED lights are 75% more efficient than your conventional bulbs. Even though they cost more up front, it is worth it in the long run to invest in these home energy saving bulbs that you won’t have to change nearly as often!

Hopefully we can all help reduce the carbon foot print on the World little by little, but for your own home energy savings, we hope these tips were helpful!


Stay tuned for our next blog post on How To Build Your Own Portable Air Conditioner. A great read for a camping enthusiast or outdoor lover!


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