10 BEST Ways to Cool Off This Summer

While a lot of you are indoors this summer working, taking courses, babysitting, etc… there are a lot of you that are outdoors in this crazy heat wave we have been having in the GTA. What have you been doing to stay hydrated and cool?

There are only 4 more weeks left of summer before you have to go back to school. As much as we love Air Conditioning, we enjoy the fun that hot weather brings as well.

The beach, camping, Slip N’ Slides, BBQ’s, backyard fun, swimming pools, etc…


Take advantage of the hot weather with the 10 BEST ways to Cool off this Summer:


Water, water, water!

Stay hydrated as much as possible when you are out in the heat. Drink as much water you can during the day. This will keep you going for hours in the sun without the risk of heat exhaustion.



It’s always best when Friends or Family have a swimming pool, but if that is not the case, visit your local community center for open swim times and bring all your friends and family there!  The GTA is full of fun swimming facilities!

Make a day out of going to a lake and taking a dip as well. Ontario has a lot of places to visit for family fun days!


Cold Treats!

It’s easy to stay cool when you are indulging in tasty treats!

Popcicles and ice cream are a great way to stay cool on a fun day in the sun. Dairy Queen has many options to choose from, or you can make your homemade versions.


Create a Lemonade Stand!

A great way to entertain the kids while providing your neighbours with a ‘Welcome Home from Work’ beverage.

Your children will stay cool under the shade and your neighbours will appreciate the refreshing, cold drink!


Kiddie Pools!

Kiddie pools are fun for everyone! Whether your kids use it to play in, you use it to sit and read in, or your dog uses it to cool off, it’s the best inexpensive investment around!


Car Wash!

Car washes are such a great activity to make a bit of cash and to stay cool! The cold water from the hose will not only keep you cool, but will cool down the cars as well. WIN, WIN!


Iced Drinks!

Stick with ice cold drinks of your choice to cool off this summer. Iced Teas, Lemonades and Iced Coffees.


Put Your Pillows in the Freezer!

What? Yes! Put your pillows in the freezer before spending time outside gazing at stars or watching an outdoor movie! This will keep you cool until the sun goes down!


Frozen Cocktails!

You are taking care of your family, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself this summer either!

Create your own frozen cocktails at home to enjoy with friends at the BBQ.


Water Parks!

The BEST way to cool off this summer with friends and family is at a water park! Canada’s Wonderland has a great one, or you can visit Wild Water Kingdom too!


There are many ways to have fun and cool off this summer! Stay safe and enjoy the next 4 weeks.


As an owner-operated local company that has been in business for over 19 years, we are proud to accept Homestars ‘Best of’ Award for our 12th consecutive year in a row. Here’s to a great year, and many more to come.